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Our mission is your satisfaction

We believe that beauty should be accessible to all, so we provide a global service with a carefully curated product offer, with both a catalog and service fully tailored towards customer satisfaction. Our mission is to make sure that everyone can find the perfect products and advice for them, anywhere in the world, at the best prices possible.

An online store that strives to always carry the latest and best beauty, skin-care and wellness products. We carry lines such as SkinCeuticals, L’Oreal, Bioderma, and many more. With knowledgeable and highly-trained team, your experience with us is truly like no other.


idivia was born in Braga, Portugal, with the mission to provide cosmetic, beauty and wellness products worldwide. We started this project in 2021, but the more than 40 years of experience in skincare, wellness and nutrition allow us to provide excellent service, the best products and competitive prices.

We have a team of over 40 people who are experts in nutrition, skincare, and wellness, who will help you through every step of your order. We are here to help you make the initial choice to find the right product for you, and we will accompany you through the entire buying process to ensure you have the best experience possible!


We have been working with the best international brands for over 40 years, carefully curating all the products we offer. Our mission will always focus on Skincare and Wellness through science!

We know each product in detail and all the science behind them. We are authorized resellers of all the products available on our website, and we only work with brands we trust and with well proven quality and effectiveness.
But as innovation never stops, we keep up with the evolution of brands through constant training of our employees, so that you can rest assured and trust us to always advise you on the best and most current solutions for you.


All our shipments are processed in Portugal in a careful and personalized way.
To get the product to you we work with the best delivery partners to ensure that you receive your order in the shortest possible time and in perfect condition.


Our customers are the central link in what we do, and as such their satisfaction will always be a priority. We are committed to answering every question and request as quickly as possible and always in a way to solve every situation.

All help requests will be answered within our working hours (Monday to Friday 09.00-18.00 Western European Time). You can contact us by e-mail ([email protected]) or through the form on our website.


At idivia we are very aware of the impact we have on the environment and we take all possible measures to minimize our environmental impact.

We give priority to local suppliers and recycle all waste created by our operations. We optimize shipping boxes to the size of each order and whenever possible we give a second life to the boxes we receive from our suppliers by using them for shipping.

So that beauty and care is accessible to all, but without compromising the planet that also belongs to all of us!

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idivia is a brand of SEARCHMATERS LDA, NIPC 516494430, based in Rua 5 de Outubro 490, 4700-260 Braga, Portugal.