Cistitone is a specific brand for hair treatments. Its varied range of products, with specific formulas, responds to the different pathologies that affect the hair and scalp, such as Cistitone Ferro, which helps combat hair loss related to iron deficiency.

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Cistitone Forte BD Capsules 3×60

Original price was: 68.01 €.Current price is: 61.50 €.

Cistitone Forte Hair and Nails Revitalizing Capsules 3×60

Original price was: 61.03 €.Current price is: 47.96 €.

Cistitone Forte BD Anti-Hair Loss Capsules x60

Original price was: 31.51 €.Current price is: 25.17 €.

Cistitone Agaxidil Duo Anti-Chronic Hair Loss Capsules

Original price was: 60.38 €.Current price is: 46.41 €.

Cistitone Strong Anti Hair Loss Fortifying Capsule Kit + Shampoo

Original price was: 40.09 €.Current price is: 34.07 €.

Cistitone Forte BD Capsules Set

Original price was: 41.34 €.Current price is: 32.52 €.

Cistitone Forte Revitalizing Hair and Nails Capsules 60pc

Original price was: 30.09 €.Current price is: 23.69 €.

Cistitone Strong BD Anti Hair Loss Kit Fortifying Capsule + Shampoo Kit

Original price was: 35.03 €.Current price is: 27.80 €.

Cistitone Forte BD Duo Hairloss Fortifying Capsules

Original price was: 60.25 €.Current price is: 51.20 €.

Cistitone Iron Capsules x60

Original price was: 31.17 €.Current price is: 24.88 €.

Cistitone Agaxidil Chronic Hair Loss Capsules x60

Original price was: 39.52 €.Current price is: 31.19 €.