Lauroderme has products for baby and mom that help in daily care. at Lauroderme you will find products for basic needs like shampoo, shower gel, body moisturizer or anti-stretch marks.

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Lauroderme Care Body Moisturizing Cream 250ml

Original price was: 23.27 €.Current price is: 20.05 €.

Lauroderme Bath Gel 250ml

Original price was: 17.90 €.Current price is: 13.25 €.

Lauroderme Care Cream Barrier 100gr

Original price was: 17.42 €.Current price is: 14.00 €.

Lauroderme Anti-Tear Shampoo 250ml

Original price was: 19.70 €.Current price is: 13.75 €.