Liposan is a trusted brand known for its innovative and effective lip care products. With a focus on natural ingredients and advanced formulas, Liposan offers a range of lip balms and treatments that provide deep hydration, protection, and nourishment for your lips. Whether you’re looking to soothe dry, chapped lips or add a touch of glamour with a tinted balm, Liposan has the perfect solution for all your lip care needs. Experience the luxury of beautifully soft and healthy lips with Liposan.

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Liposan Soft Rosé Lipstick 5,5ml

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Liposan Hyaluron Lip Moisture Stick 5.2ml

Original price was: $13.79.Current price is: $9.16.

Liposan Original Classic Blue Stick 4.8g

Original price was: $14.16.Current price is: $8.14.