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Pic Solution is a brand that features high quality products and technology that make daily life easier, such as thermometers, tensiometers, sanitary products, and pregnancy tests, among many others.

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Pic Needleless Syringe 100ml

Original price was: 3.65 €.Current price is: 3.28 €.

Pic Solution Air Easy On Portable Nebuliser

Original price was: 88.57 €.Current price is: 75.07 €.

Pic Solution AirChamber Size 4

Original price was: 64.71 €.Current price is: 42.85 €.

Pic Solution Tube Project 60cm 1unit

Original price was: 12.18 €.Current price is: 10.96 €.

Pic Air Projet MedCup Medicine Spheres 10un

Original price was: 19.85 €.Current price is: 15.12 €.

Pic Air Projet Plus Aerosol Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Original price was: 204.97 €.Current price is: 138.76 €.

Pic ThermoDiary Head Infrared No-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Original price was: 74.86 €.Current price is: 62.40 €.

Pic ThermoDiary Ear Infrared Ear Thermometer

Original price was: 82.27 €.Current price is: 71.46 €.

Pic Vedo Clear Zoom Digital Thermometer

Original price was: 13.60 €.Current price is: 11.18 €.

Pic Solution Ergonomic Cuff Medium Size

Original price was: 25.76 €.Current price is: 21.89 €.

Pic Solution AirChamber Size 2

Original price was: 60.20 €.Current price is: 42.09 €.

Pic Solution AirChamber Size 3

Original price was: 59.84 €.Current price is: 51.13 €.

Pic Needleless Syringe 50ml

Original price was: 11.14 €.Current price is: 5.47 €.

Pic Flexa Elast Universal Elastic Bandage 10cm (4in)

Original price was: 6.92 €.Current price is: 4.14 €.

Pic Solution Easy Rapid Tensiometer

Original price was: 109.81 €.Current price is: 73.54 €.

Pic Solution Bend A Rete Tubular Ligature Leg/Knee 1 pcs

Original price was: 9.14 €.Current price is: 7.66 €.

Pic Solution Bend A Rete Tubular Ligature Feet/Arms 1pc

Original price was: 9.90 €.Current price is: 7.77 €.