Vitis is the oral care brand that helps effectively prevent, care for and protect the oral cavity. It has a specialized range of manual and electric toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes, silks and dental tapes, which help keep teeth and mouth healthy.

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Vitis Orthodontic Elixir 500ml

Original price was: 31.26 €.Current price is: 22.69 €.

Vitis Gums Mouthwash 1000ml

Original price was: 51.24 €.Current price is: 37.42 €.

Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste Apple Mint 100ml

Original price was: 17.74 €.Current price is: 14.14 €.

Vitis Junior Toothpaste Gel With Fluoride Color Tutti Frutti 75ml

Original price was: 15.20 €.Current price is: 11.00 €.

Vitis Gums Toothpaste With Fluoride 2x150ml

Original price was: 36.65 €.Current price is: 28.56 €.

Vitis Baby Toothbrush

Original price was: 12.56 €.Current price is: 8.85 €.

Vitis Dental Floss With Fluoride And Mint 50m

Original price was: 17.09 €.Current price is: 13.19 €.

Vitis Junior Mouthwash Tutti Frutti 500ml

Original price was: 30.58 €.Current price is: 25.99 €.

Vitis Soft Toothbrush

Original price was: 11.56 €.Current price is: 9.32 €.

Vitis Aloe Vera Toothpaste Apple Mint 100ml

Original price was: 16.73 €.Current price is: 12.42 €.

Vitis Whitening Toothpaste 100ml

Original price was: 19.15 €.Current price is: 15.62 €.