Singles’ Day (11.11)


What is Singles’ Day at IDIVIA?

The idea more agreed is that Singles’ Day was originally celebrated by Chinese university students in the 1990s as a kind of “anti-Valentine’s Day”. The date November 11th represents single living/single sticks (11.11).

Singles’ Day (11/11) is recognized as one of the biggest promotional event in the world, and at IDIVIA it will be no exception, because the beauty promotions are at IDIVIA!

Find here the best beauty brands like La Roche-Posay, Avène, Vichy, Caudalie and many more with the best discounts, promotions and offers.


When is Singles’ Day (11/11)?

You can mark your calendars! IDIVIA’s Singles’ Day (11/11) will take place on November 11, 2021.

But we couldn’t stop only in the Singles’ Day (11/11), during the whole month of November we will have exclusive deals and promotions just for you, like the Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday.


How to take advantage of IDIVIA Singles’ Day?

We are specialists in cosmetics and beauty, nutrition, infant, herbal, optical, and orthopaedics. We can help you find the most suitable item for you. Find at IDIVIA all your favourite cosmetics, your favourite vitamins, the best anti-wrinkle creams or the best baby products, like baby carrier, layette, breast pump, monitoring system or any infant accessory such as bottles, pacifiers, diapers…

We make it super easy for you to find the best Singles’ Day deals at IDIVIA. Take advantage of the IDIVIA’s Singles’ Day (11/11) at November 11, 2021. Check out all the products marked with Singles’ Day to get the best deals from our official website. You can also browse by category if you prefer and are clear on what you are looking for.

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